Pre-planning, Pre-Arranging & Pre-paying a Funeral

Pre-arrangement is a thoughtful method of funeral planning which grows in popularity each year. Some people do this with the sincere desire to avoid being a burden on their families. Others like the idea of having everything taken care of, and yet others may have no one else who can make arrangements for them.

There is no ‘typical’ service. Each person & family has its own special needs, customs, and traditions. We are committed to helping you create a meaningful service that is the most appropriate for you.

Here at Hall Funerals, we are dedicated to assisting you in choosing all the essentials that are right for your needs. No matter what your situation or desire, we are here to help you.

Each person & family we serve has their own unique needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, and why we listen to your desires when arranging a pre-paid funeral.

We strive for your utmost satisfaction and we feel that will be the case when you have the opportunity to choose exactly the type of services you prefer. When a death occurs it is the next of kin who assumes primary responsibility for the disposition. Making funeral arrangements for someone while guessing their preferences may be one of the most difficult tasks a person can face. Having your choices and instructions on file with a funeral director eliminates unresolved questions which may confound others. It is also wise to keep a copy of your pre-arrangement forms and discuss them with family members so that everyone understands your wishes. It is essential to include the suggestions and ideas of the family since your death will directly affect them.

Funding your arrangement is another important decision to be made in the pre-arrangement process. While funding is not necessary to create a pre-arrangement, it can further ease the financial concerns of family members.

This also allows you to arrange the kind of service you prefer and be assured of adequate funds for the future payment of the service. We have several options available for funding your pre-arrangements whatever your situation, from one lump sum payment to monthly direct debit payments.

Our Funeral Pre Planning Process Is Easy To Understand

Simple Solution

Many people worry about how they will pay for their future funeral expenses. A Funeral Bond is a simple solution to this common problem. A Funeral Bond is a special purpose way to set aside money to help cover eventual funeral costs. Money invested in a bond can only be used for this purpose and is only paid out upon death. A Funeral Bond is a safe, simple and effective investment, backed by a capital guarantee. It is also a very flexible and portable investment, which does not tie you to a fixed location. Your investment will be in a capital guaranteed environment. This means that any amounts you contribute – plus the annual bonuses allocated to the bond – are guaranteed to be paid at the time of claim.

A Secure Investment

It is a true “no ifs, no buts” guarantee. The money is handled by the Friendly Society and is invested in very conservative assets like fixed interest and cash deposits.

A Sensible Investment

Money invested in a Funeral Bond is not included in the means tests used by Social Security and Veterans Affairs. This means that investing in a Funeral Bond could, depending on the circumstances, result in improved pension entitlements. The bond grows in value as it is allocated annual bonuses (interest). But these bonuses do not affect personal tax positions, and you won’t have to declare the earnings in your annual tax return because of your investment in the Funeral Bond. If there are any tax implications, they’ll be assessed in the hands of their estate.

A Funeral Bond Offers Many Financial Benefits Including:

Social Security and Veterans Affairs exempt money invested in the bond from the means tests for government benefits, and Earnings from the bond do not affect personal income tax positions. Investing in a Funeral Bond also delivers emotional benefits. You have the security of knowing you have set money aside to go towards your future funeral costs and the comfort that you are protecting your loved ones from a potential financial burden.

At the time of the funeral where a Funeral Bond has been established, Hall Funerals will claim these funds from the appropriate friendly society.

If there is any shortfall in the amount, (if the cost of the funeral is more than the balance of the bond), the family or estate will be charged this difference. At the same time, if there are extra available funds in the bond after the funeral has been paid, the estate will be paid this amount to be distributed by a solicitor.

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