Flowers can have a large impact on the farewell of a loved one. Whether you place a single rose on the coffin, or have a wide array of floral arrangements, we work with you to choose the most appropriate floral tribute for your service.

Colac Florist-
Howards Flowers

We use our Coalc local florist. They pride themselves on the quality and freshness of their flowers. Contact them directly to enquire about seasonal availability, additional varieties and colours.

Discuss Your Flower Options With Donna & Geoff Howard Ph: (03) 5233 1386

Arrangement Options

*Fullness of flowers dependant on floral arrangement option.

Casket Spray

Upright Vase

Sheath/ Bouquet

Single Flowers

Rose Petals

Standing Arrangements in Vase

Lovely to complement the coffin display and either side for a chapel or church service.

Rose petals

A delicate option for a floral tribute during a funeral service, or to give as a final goodbye during a burial.

Bouquets and Sheaths

A bouquet or sheath is a lovely alternative to a traditional casket spray, allowing the family to take the flowers home at the conclusion of the service as a reminder of the day for some time after.

Single flowers

Single flowers of your choice are another way to bid a personal farewell at the service, either through placement on the coffin during the service or at the burial.

Special designs

Our florist is always happy to look at ways to truly express your loved one in a special design. Whether you want to have MUM spelt out, or a special picture depicting your loved one’s interests or hobbies, talk to us about how we can make this come to life.